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⛔️Warning! You’re Losing Money By Not Using Customer Avatars👩

Warning! You’re Losing Money By Not Using Customer Avatars.  “When you market to everyone, you’re marketing to no one”. This is a common mistake made by all marketers starting out. I made the same mistake too. But, when I started speaking to my avatar, it was like magic. In this video, I’ll share how to create your customer avatar.





🤔Is Blogging Still A Thing In 2019?

Is blogging still a thing in 2019?  Should you continue to blog?  Is it a good time to start a blog?  With over 1 billion blogs on the internet in 2019, these are good questions to consider.

I believe blogging is still a thing in 2019 and will continue to do so.  But, I am making changes to how much I blog.  Here are a few tips that I am implementing now.   If you want to improve the performance of your existing blog or considering starting one this year these tips should help you get better results.

Focus on Quality

This is the most important tip of all the tips I’m sharing in this article.  You must produce quality content.  With over a billion blogs on the internet, there are literally hundreds of thousands of blogs posts written every day.

There is way too much content on the web for anyone to consume.   Gosh, I think the calculation is that 1 out of every 7 people on this planet has a blog!   That’s unreal, isn’t it?

When focusing on quality think about writing about new and unique content.   You want to write about stuff that is not already on the internet.

Write content that answers many of the questions in your keyword search.   Google is great for presenting the questions others are searching for.   So, write answers to those questions too.   The more relevant content you can write about you will have a greater chance of getting a good ranking.

Writing good content takes time.  Rather than just putting out content for the sake of putting out content, take the time to write quality content.  If it takes a week or  2 weeks so be it.

Respond to comments

Now that your content is written and published be sure to respond to any comments you receive.  Your blog is one of your communication channels.   It would be inconsiderate to not reply.   If someone asks a question, answer it.  And if there’s not much of a comment, just say thank you!

Lastly, end your blog post with a question mark and not just a question statement.   Ironically, the actual “?” mark will increase your engagement.

Include the words YOU and I

Using the words YOU and I will make your blog post feel more like a conversation.   I’ll give you an example.  This is just made up for this post.  “Wouldn’t you love to get more engagement on your blog?  I know I would.  People say it’s hard to get people to comment, but it’s not that hard to do.  Today I’ll show you how to do that.”

Include Calls To Action

Include calls to action (CTAs) in your blog.   A good place to do this is in a sidebar widget.   These eye-catching widgets can be used to invite people to your webinars or a promotion.   The use of sidebar widgets are known to increase your conversions.

Collect Emails

Build your list by collecting emails.    You may have heard that email open rates are on the decline and some even tout email lists is no longer relevant.   That cannot be farther from the truth.   Anyone in sales knows that the money is in the list and if you don’t have a list you won’t last.

You must collect emails for the survival of your business.  There are many free email capture plugins that will help you collect emails.    Your WordPress theme like Thrive Themes have plugins designed to work with that particular theme.

There are other plugins are well like Hello Bar that is simple and easy to use.   Search for a plugin that’s best for your site and get started.

One of the best ways to get emails with your email capture plugin is by offering a lead magnet.  A lead magnet is when you offer something of value like a free ebook or a free checklist that is relevant to your topic.  Most people are glad to give you their email when they feel they are receiving something of value.

Include Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to get people back to your site and grow your list without collecting their email address.   Services like Subscribers is a great push notification tool to use.   You have probably seen these in action.

Have you ever noticed that little box that pops up in the lower corner of your computer screen notifying you of a new blog post? One way people use push notifications is when they release a new blog post.  They are also used to promote a product or a service.  All you need to do is give a quick click and within seconds all your subscribers know of your notification.

Leverage Chatbots

What is a chatbot?  A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in their natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or through the telephone.

Most chat bot companies offer a free version of this remarkable tool.  Chatbots get incredibly high click-thru rates of nearly 100% whereas email is about 10%.  Chatbot applications streamline interactions between people and services, enhancing customer experience.

At the same time, they offer companies new opportunities to improve the customers’ engagement process and operational efficiency by reducing the typical cost of customer service.

So is blogging still a thing in 2019? YES!   But, blogging has changed.   It’s not like it used to be by just putting up good content.   You must put up good content as well as implement these other tips that will increase readers experience thereby improving the performance of your blog.

What are your thoughts about blogging?

😱Neil’s Top 5 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid👈

Whether one owns an established business or a startup, social media marketing is something that everyone is using to reach and communicate with the customers. It makes sense to be where your potential customers hang out. Mistakes are made in business all the time. It is not different with marketing approaches on social media. The fact is making too many social media mistakes does affect the revenue of a business. Larger businesses may be able to work through social media mistakes, but for the solopreneur or startup having a lack of revenue for too long will result in that business failing. With research, a long list of social media mistakes can be made. However, according to Neil Patel, these are the top 5 social media mistakes to avoid.

1) Posting content too often. You may get away with this on Twitter. But on the other social platforms, this tactic should be avoided. The old rules were post often and people will see your posts. But, with the algorithm changes, fewer people are shown your posts. If all they see are your posts, they will begin to ignore them. The new rules are post only 1 quote, 1 image post or 1 status update per day. This rule does not apply to Live video or stories.

2) Stop posting mediocre content. Since you are only going to post 1 status update, quote or image post make it worthwhile. Always strive to put out content that adds value to your audience whether it’s a status update a video or blog post. They will appreciate it and will look forward to seeing your posts in the future.

3) Not leveraging videos – Video is the future. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, all of these players want to get your attention. Even more so than live broadcast television. Social sites are craving for your attention. Facebook wants you on their platform rather than you watching HBO, Netflix or ESPN. That’s why they want you to upload video content. If you upload video content you will 2 to 3 times more engagement with video than a text or image post.

4) Not engaging in the first hour of your post. – The way most social algorithms work is what does well in the first hour generally goes viral. It’s opposite than SEO that is a long term game and can take you 30, 60 days or even 6 months to a year to get ranked. On the social web, it’s all about that first hour. If you have an email list, send that video or status update to your list so you can drive more engagement. If you have a push notification such as a subscribers list with send you status update so you get more views and engagement. This way over the next 30 days you will get more views on Youtube and in the next 24 hours get more views and engagement on Facebook.

5) Failing to engage with your audience. The social web is about engaging. If you asked me a question and I did not get an answer that would be rude. If someone leaves a comment you must respond in some way like “hey, thanks for your comment”, or, “thanks for creating this video”. And, when you make your videos, ask people to comment on whether the liked the video. Their replies will guide you in making more videos they like. It’s a two-way street. Rather than just liking a post or video leave a brief comment. The social networks track all of our engagement.

If you stop making these mistakes you will begin to get more traction on the social web. Regardless of whether you use FB, Linked In, Twitter, Youtube, these tactics will help you out.

😲The Triad Secret For Success Online: Above Average Wisdom 👌

Finding your personal “Triad” is the fastest way I’ve seen people succeed online. It works more consistently than anything other approaches I’ve seen both online and off.   This post covers what theTriad Secret” for success is with real-world examples of how this concept works so that you can create your own Triad Secret in your business.

What is the triad secret?

The “triad secret” for success is when you combine 3 or more separate skills or niches into something unique. This is not a new concept, it’s been in front of you this entire time!   Every successful person I know and have observed does this.  They may not know they are doing it, but they are.

The original idea came from Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip, Dilbert.  He says, “Every skill you acquire doubles your odds for success.” You only have to be “good” at these skills when you add enough of them. And, you don’t have to the best in the world at anything.  He explained the idea in detail during an interview with a Forbes magazine reporter.

You Don’t Have To Be The Best!

Here is a summary of what he said:

He is not that great of an artist… He’s good, but definitely not “best in the world”. He is not as funny as a stand-up comedian either. But, he’s kind of funny. He wasn’t that great as a businessman and he isn’t that good of a writer. To sum it all up, he has fairly average talents. But, when you add them all together it creates something extraordinary! This is the easy option compared to becoming the best in the world at something!

A Publishing Component Is The Key

Here’s the method explained another way:

You want to get very good at a few different skills and focus one of those skills on content creation. Content needs to a published as a blog, video or a podcast. The content you will publish will be based on the other two skills. The unique mix of skill is where the real value lies. Your personal mix IS your path to success.

The following video explains in greater with examples of website owners who took merged average skills into something extraordinary.

17 Common Mistakes In Network Marketing – The Do’s and Don’ts

Being a network marketer is not easy!  You are probably exhausted from working harder in your business than you thought you would be, right? Perhaps your reason for entering this profession was to make some extra cash, maybe replace your day job and get some freedom back, but at times you’re struggling to pay your bills. If this describes you and you’re feeling discouraged I understand. I’ve been there. However, when I learned the 17 common mistakes in network marketing I was able quickly to correct the mistakes I was making.   Once you know what these mistakes are, I’m sure you will have a similar outcome as I have.

The Powerhouse Leaders Secrets

There are some powerhouse leaders in network marketing secretly using the internet to prospect new business partners and build their brand while encouraging their downline to use “old school” recruiting methods. Shock! Yes, it’s true. The reason why they promote old school methods is that they are duplicatable. The strategies used by those at the top took many years to learn and required a significant financial investment that few who are just starting out can afford. However, with perseverance and an unwavering desire to learn in time you can deploy those strategies too. Have you noticed that rarely you will know the company these leaders belong? The reason is they have built a personal brand that attracts new entrepreneurs to them regardless of what company the new aspiring business owner chose to join.

Is There Something Wrong With Your Company?

Have you reached a point where you are thinking about quitting because you feel there is something wrong with your company’s opportunity? The truth is rarely, it is the company. The reason you are struggling is due to your lack of skills about building your network marketing business. The good news is you can learn how to do that.

The following list of common mistakes made in network marketing will help you correct some of the things you may be doing wrong.

At the end of this list, I will give some tips on personal branding and provide you with some free and low-cost resources that will help you.

The Don’ts – 17 Common Mistakes In Network Marketing

1) Posting spammy messages. For example, “I need 5 friends to become product testers”. “Join today and make $2,000 by next month”. “I’m close to ranking up and I need your help”. . . Not only are these posts about you, but these posts also repel rather than attract your ideal customer or business partner. Your goal should be to successfully convey a compelling marketing message. This is done by providing “value” that is helpful to your target audience. The marketing of your goods and services and opportunity benefits should always be directed toward people who have a want AND a need for what you have to offer.

2) Adding people to groups without their permission. Groups are for people with similar interests. Always ask the person if they are interested in joining your group. You should only invite someone because they will get value from and provide value to the group. When adding someone to a group without their permission makes you appear deceitful. Not only is it unprofessional it is disrespectful.

3) Spamming your friends’ inbox. Sending random spammy inbox solicitations will be the fast track to being unfriended rather than getting a reply. The better way is to have an engaging conversation to find if there is a need for your product or service.

4) Not Being Active on Social Media. Some people are afraid of exposing themselves on social media. Social media is here to stay and is an excellent way to grow your business. It is no different than greeting someone you know at a social function. Be yourself and mingle.

5) Not Engaging – Social media is just like attending social events offline. Hopefully, you would never walk into a party find a quiet corner to hide from the guests and not talk to anyone. Why go to the party? On social media, you have to engage with your audience. That means you have to like, comment and communicate with others. It takes time but you have to do it. Most importantly, if you don’t engage with others, you are telling the social media platform algorithms that you either have no interest in people or people are not interested in you. The platforms algorithms are programmed to “penalize” you by decreasing the number of people who see your posts making you irrelevant.

6) Treating Social Media As Something Different. Social Media is just another way to meet people. However, there is some etiquette to be aware of. If you won’t do it offline, then don’t do it online. Would you walk into a house party and without getting to know your new friends begin immediately start pitching products? Of course not. So don’t do it online either.

7) Focus On Too Many Social Media Channels. To start, it’s better to focus on just one. You have limited time and a large learning curve. There is no way you can stay active and do well on all social media channels (such as Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram). When you have developed some skills to effectively manage more than one channel then add another network or if you have the budget hire a full-time social media manager for you.

The network that is most popular with network marketing prospects is Facebook because it’s easy to connect with people there. But, you may not get the results you are looking for on Facebook. Growing organically on Facebook is a slow process and requires patience. The last couple of years many have discovered that Twitter is a great platform to generate leads and have migrated to that platform. If lead generation is a problem for you, I suggest a Twitter lead generation strategy. I have found this free mini-course to be relevant and up-to-date. I will give you basic skills to get you started.

8) Trying to Sell Your Products and Opportunity Immediately. This is similar to #1. Pitching your product or service without building first rapport makes you appear like a needy, desperate salesperson. No one wants to do business or associate with needy people.

9) Not providing value. The best way to provide value is to educate about the benefit of using product or services within your marketing strategy. Posting your link does not do that. For example, let’s say you are marketing essential oils. Rather than say “Oregano Oil. It’s good for you” Get it here (your link), you should say what oregano is and why it’s good for healing, wellness etc. Social media research suggests to put out 6-7 pieces of valuable content before putting out call-to-action content where you suggest how to get the product.

10) Promoting Your Company and Products. This may be controversial and goes against what you’ve been taught but top online marketers don’t use social media to sell. Like in #9, they provide value, build rapport in chat, on the phone or in person. The rapport building process is where recruiting and sales occur. Please note, they do use advanced skills to promote their webinars and book offers on social media with sponsored ads (paid advertising). As you advance in your career you will want to adopt these skills as well.

11) Posting links to your company. You kill the curiosity and people become less excited to meet and learn about your business because they can Google or Bing your company and learn everything on their own. One tactic marketer’s use is to do company and product reviews to steer away from your search toward what they are promoting. Rest assured, there will be a negative review posted about your company by someone and it will place doubt in your prospects mind.

12) Not Showing Commitment to the Business. What is your main vision? Are you being committed? Are you a real entrepreneur? Most importantly, are you a SERIOUS Entrepreneur?! These are questions that go through a followers mind when visiting your timeline. Avoid inviting people to play games like Candy Crush or posts about your high scores video game. Serious entrepreneurs are not wasting their time playing video games! If you want to be taken as a serious entrepreneur, make sure your posts are consistent with that image you want to create. If you wish to post things like that make sure that only your closet friends will see them. (There is a way to segregate your friends’ list).

13) Posting Things That Are Not Consistent With What You Represent Review #12. People ARE watching what you do. Don’t post things that are inconsistent with your business. If you’re in a health and wellness company promoting weightloss products you don’t want to post pictures of you eating a banana split.

14) No Personal Content. If you are using a Facebook profile for both personal and business purposes you must balance out your posts. Post something about your business and post things about what’s going on in your personal life. Avoid controversial subjects such as politics. Your timeline is not a place to rant. If you must engage in controversial subjects share that stuff with only your closest friends or join groups of people who have similar interests as yours.

15) Not Having a Time Budget for Social Media.  Social media can HURT your business if you let yourself get carried away with it. There are endless things to read and things to comment on keeping you away from the money making activities you should be doing. The social media platforms want you to stay on their platform. That’s how they make money. Be wise to their tactics and budget 5-10 minutes for each social media session. Once your scheduled time is up return to the things you were working on.

16) Spending Too Much Time on Social Media.  Don’t be so connected that you’re not connected in life. You may have thousands of online friends, but are you avoiding your friends offline? Refer to #15 – set a time budget for social media activities so that you have time to be present with your loved ones. Turn off the phone and computer and go out for a walk and reconnect your surroundings.

17) Arguing with a prospect.  If your prospect has said no to your product or opportunity never argue with them or tell them what they’re missing or what is good for them. You will probably be unfriended if you do. Respect their answer and value their friendship. You never know overtime by consistently providing valuable content and engaging with them they may become your customer or business partner in the future.

Those are the top 17 common mistakes that network marketers make with social media. There are others you will learn as you progress. Do any of these resonate with you? Which ones do you need to work on?

The Do’s

Now that you know the top common mistakes here are some things you should be doing now.

#1: Brand You

Always remember that people join people, not products. Unless your network marketing company started yesterday, I’m going to bet that there are thousands of distributors in your organization. What are YOU going to do to set YOU apart from them? People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust… they want to follow, join, and buy from people who add VALUE to their lives…

Learning how to brand yourself so people are attracted to you is an acquired skill. Having valuable content to share with your prospects helps to build credibility in you and develop your brand. This website provides you with free relevant training on attraction marketing, lead generation, weekly webinars. They even give you a personal blog! Did I say it was free! It’s rare to find free relevant training online. This is one of the places you can learn a lot from to propel your business.

#2: Know Who Your Audience Is

When you know who you’re speaking to you will begin to get people to listen to you. The more targeted you can become, the more clear your message will be.

#3: Don’t Be Afraid

If you’re new to the industry you may be thinking why would someone listen to me? How can I compete with someone who has a larger presence in the industry? How am I supposed to tell someone how to create a thriving business when I was still building mine.

The truth is you don’t have to be an expert to be an inspiration. People want to follow others whom they can relate to. If you’re new and don’t have a lot of experience, be honest. All you have to know is just 10% more than the person you’re talking to. Yes, I’m being serious.

#4: Understand How To Generate Leads

You never need to buy leads from a leads vendor. Not only are they expensive, but they are usually sold over an over again. And, rarely do any of them convert into a sale. As I mentioned earlier you will find several free, relevant courses on how to generate leads here. All of the courses are very good. My favorite is the Twitter Lead Machine. Although this course is not free, the skills and tools I acquired from this course generate consistent leads and sales for me every day. You can get the free mini-course that will help you start generating leads now. You can get it here.

Help Is Only An Email Away

Are you feeling a bit confused about what to do? I’m glad to help you. I remember what it was like to get started. For the readers of this report, I’m offering a free 30-minute coaching session with me. Let me help you discover what you should be doing and point you in the right direction.

To schedule your free session with me send email me at  Be sure to put COACHING SESSION WITH YOU in the subject line so your email will stand out from the others. I’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours to schedule a day and time to meet.

I hope you got some value from what I shared with you.  To your success!