🆓Free Marketing Tools To Get More Traffic To Your Social Sites🌞

🆓Free Marketing Tools To Get More Traffic To Your Social Sites🌞

Do you want to get more social media traffic?  Who doesn’t right? In this blog post, you will learn about six free marketing tools that will get more social media traffic to your social sites.

The free marketing tools I’m about to share with you are essential for being more productive so you have more time to work with your clients and engage more with your followers.

Don’t underestimate the power of these tools because they are free.  They will easily provide adequate service that will save you hours of repetitive work.  They are essential for the solopreneur and small business owner.

Hootsuite and Social Pilot

The first set of free marketing tools are Hootsuite.com and Social Pilot.co.   Both of these tools are social media management systems. They help you keep track and manage your many social network channels.  Hootsuite.com has both a free and subscription-based service.

The free version allows you to manage 3 profiles and schedule 30 messages.  The system will post your messages at the times you have chosen.   For a professional level subscription, you can manage 10 profiles and have unlimited scheduling.   One of the most appealing features of Hootsuite is the bulk scheduler.

If you have a lot of posts you can upload them all in one .csv file saving you hours of time from posting your messages manually.

Hootsuite has been around for several years and is widely known throughout the industry.  However, I discovered Social Pilot.co and prefer it over Hootsuite.

Social Pilot works much like Hootsuite.com, however, the bulk scheduler is far superior to Hootsuite.   Unlike Hootsuite, Social Pilot allows you to schedule your messages in bulk along with an image which is a huge time saver.

In Hootsuite, you must manually add your images after uploading your messages.   To upload images you will need to attach a link to your image which is easily done on sites like Imgur.com

Once your image has been linked add your image URL to your .csv file and upload it to Social Pilot and you are good to go.

Social Pilot offers a free 14-day trial and then after you will need to subscribe to one of their service plans.  The professional plan at $25.00/month will be sufficient for most home based marketers.  Start your free trial period here.


What is a chatbot?  A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or through the telephone.  Chatbots are widely used and for good reason.

They have open rates of up to 90% over email that has around a 10% open rate.   For this reason alone is why you should use chatbots in your business if you are not already doing so.

There are many chatbot vendors and many offer free services along with paid plans.  I have found the free subscriptions offer sufficient applications to allow you to build a robust list.  Once you start generating revenue from your chatbot list you can then upgrade to a paid plan.

I recommend both Many Chat and Mobile Monkey.   They are great services and both offer a robust free service.  Their tutorials are easy to understand which makes set up a breeze.   The one difference between the two services is that Mobile Monkey can establish communication with the follower in the comment section of the post.

This one feature is why I lean towards Mobile Monkey.  As of this writing that feature is not available with Many Chat.   Another advantage of Mobile Monkey is the cost of their training program.

There are many marketers offering Many Chat training for upwards of $297.00 for approx 8-10 hours of training.

However, with Mobile Monkey, you can buy their training for $19.99 and receive 12 hours of training.  The training is taught by Issac Rudansky a best selling author and founder of Adventure Media.   Issac is sought after by large corporations to develop their chatbots.

Once you learn how one chatbot works, it’s easy to learn another providers system.   For the cost of entry, and the added feature of comment engagement I recommend Mobile Monkey.   Get your free Mobile Monkey account here.


Buzzsumo is a powerful online tool that allows any user to find out what content is popular by topic or on any website.   It also gives you the ability to quickly identify who the major influencers are.

Buzzsumo helps you find great content ideas by comparing your keyword ideas and more.  Just enter your domain, another domain and see what is being shared socially.   You can also find influencers related to particular topics and get alerts based on keywords, brand name, links, author name or domain.

Tracking competitors is a breeze as Buzzsumo will analyze their content and show how well the public like it.  Check out Buzzsumo here.

Keywords Everywhere

Last year I found out about Keywords Everywhere and have become a fan of the Keywords Everywhere Tool. Through testing many different keyword research tools, I find myself coming back to this one.  It is easy to use and convenient. If you aren’t familiar with Keywords Everywhere it is an extension that is available for both Chrome and Firefox that displays the search volume for keywords right in Google’s search bar.

My favorite feature about the Keywords Everywhere tool is that you can quickly get the search volume for any keyword by going directly to Google and typing it in. Technically, you don’t even have to search for the keyword. The tool displays the search volume for that keyword in the Google Autocomplete section, as well as lists additional keywords.

In the example below, you’ll see the search volume for the keyword “hotels in Las Vegas”. It also displays the cost-per-click (CPC) of the keyword and competition data.

Once you search for a keyword in Google, the tool will also display Related Keywords on the right-hand side of the search results. The keywords displayed in this widget are phrases that people often search for in addition to the keyword that you searched. Then, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the search results, you’ll find even more keyword suggestions. These are searches that also relate to the search you made.

Keywords Everywhere is free to use. There is no monthly or yearly commitment and it provides the same data as Keyword Planner. The data that is pulled through Keywords Everywhere is the same data that is released by Google. All you need to do to set up this tool is to download the extension and then you’ll need an API key that will be sent to you by email. Once you have received the key all that is left is validating it and you’ll be set to search for as many and all keywords that you want.

Hello Bar

What is a hello bar? A hello bar is a great alternative to using a pop-up, an option that is unpopular with so many. Hello bars are less obtrusive, yet they are constantly on display. This means you can present a specific message to your visitors, without distracting them from your regular content.

Hello Bar the company provides a standalone plugin designed to be used with WordPress, Wix, or other webpages. It can add custom lead capture tools such as hello bars, pop-ups, pages, or messages to a website.

Hello Bar is easy to use and only requires one line of code added to a website to get started. They offer the traditional hello bar as well as other types of widgets. Additional features include reviews by experts, A/B testing, targeting, email integration, and assistance with GDPR compliance.

Hello Bar offers pricing tiers.  Their free account has some limitations from the paid version but does allow an unlimited amount of subscribers.  It is perfect for entrepreneurs on a tight budget who has a small list or is just starting to build one.

You can get a hello bar up and running in just a few minutes.  Get your free account here.

Boost Your Facebook Posts

This is the only strategy that requires you to spend some moolah.  Recent changes to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm has made it nearly impossible to get your content in front of the eyes of your target audience.

To counter this the smart thing to do is to allocate a budget for promoting content to ensure your posts are reaching the right people at the right time.

Before you push that boost button on your Facebook page I recommend you create a “promoted post” using Facebook’s Ad Manager.   Why use a promoted post in Ad Manager?

With Ad Manager, you’ll be able to expand your content’s reach while capitalizing on better targeting, more features, and higher contention for space via Facebook’s ad auction.   This method gives you more control on who sees your message and when.

A regular “Boost” is easy and your content reaches more people than it would have organically. But the truth is that, unless you’re lucky, the majority of those extra viewers aren’t likely to respond to your content in a way that’ll make the investment in the boost worthwhile.

Taking the extra step to promote posts through Ads Manager can go a long way in terms of results, so I highly recommend it.


All the tools mentioned here will help you time.  And, by saving time you are saving money.   The more time you have available for building offers and serving your clientele is like money in the bank.   If you prefer to watch a short video about these tools you can watch it here.

Kristie Mathews

Kristie is a Personal Branding Strategist. She helps digital marketers grow their business and reclaim their time with systems and Automation. She is also a licensed California Real Estate Broker. Her principal areas of Expertise are Personal Branding, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate and Network Marketing, Real Estate Sales and Investment. Since 2013 she has been helping Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Originators, Insurance Brokers, Attorney’s, Industry-Specific Professionals and people with a specific Passion to brand themselves as Leaders and Authorities in either their specific niche or whatever their passion is while creating an income doing what they love.