😱Neil's Top 5 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid👈 - Kristie J Mathews

😱Neil’s Top 5 Social Media Mistakes To Avoid👈

Whether one owns an established business or a startup, social media marketing is something that everyone is using to reach and communicate with the customers. It makes sense to be where your potential customers hang out. Mistakes are made in business all the time. It is not different with marketing approaches on social media. The fact is making too many social media mistakes does affect the revenue of a business. Larger businesses may be able to work through social media mistakes, but for the solopreneur or startup having a lack of revenue for too long will result in that business failing. With research, a long list of social media mistakes can be made. However, according to Neil Patel, these are the top 5 social media mistakes to avoid.

1) Posting content too often. You may get away with this on Twitter. But on the other social platforms, this tactic should be avoided. The old rules were post often and people will see your posts. But, with the algorithm changes, fewer people are shown your posts. If all they see are your posts, they will begin to ignore them. The new rules are post only 1 quote, 1 image post or 1 status update per day. This rule does not apply to Live video or stories.

2) Stop posting mediocre content. Since you are only going to post 1 status update, quote or image post make it worthwhile. Always strive to put out content that adds value to your audience whether it’s a status update a video or blog post. They will appreciate it and will look forward to seeing your posts in the future.

3) Not leveraging videos – Video is the future. Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, all of these players want to get your attention. Even more so than live broadcast television. Social sites are craving for your attention. Facebook wants you on their platform rather than you watching HBO, Netflix or ESPN. That’s why they want you to upload video content. If you upload video content you will 2 to 3 times more engagement with video than a text or image post.

4) Not engaging in the first hour of your post. – The way most social algorithms work is what does well in the first hour generally goes viral. It’s opposite than SEO that is a long term game and can take you 30, 60 days or even 6 months to a year to get ranked. On the social web, it’s all about that first hour. If you have an email list, send that video or status update to your list so you can drive more engagement. If you have a push notification such as a subscribers list with subscribers.com send you status update so you get more views and engagement. This way over the next 30 days you will get more views on Youtube and in the next 24 hours get more views and engagement on Facebook.

5) Failing to engage with your audience. The social web is about engaging. If you asked me a question and I did not get an answer that would be rude. If someone leaves a comment you must respond in some way like “hey, thanks for your comment”, or, “thanks for creating this video”. And, when you make your videos, ask people to comment on whether the liked the video. Their replies will guide you in making more videos they like. It’s a two-way street. Rather than just liking a post or video leave a brief comment. The social networks track all of our engagement.

If you stop making these mistakes you will begin to get more traction on the social web. Regardless of whether you use FB, Linked In, Twitter, Youtube, these tactics will help you out.

Kristie Mathews

Kristie is a Personal Branding Strategist. She helps digital marketers grow their business and reclaim their time with systems and Automation. She is also a licensed California Real Estate Broker. Her principal areas of Expertise are Personal Branding, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Affiliate and Network Marketing, Real Estate Sales and Investment. Since 2013 she has been helping Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Originators, Insurance Brokers, Attorney’s, Industry-Specific Professionals and people with a specific Passion to brand themselves as Leaders and Authorities in either their specific niche or whatever their passion is while creating an income doing what they love.