😲The Triad Secret For Success Online: Above Average Wisdom 👌

😲The Triad Secret For Success Online: Above Average Wisdom 👌

Finding your personal “Triad” is the fastest way I’ve seen people succeed online. It works more consistently than anything other approaches I’ve seen both online and off.   This post covers what theTriad Secret” for success is with real-world examples of how this concept works so that you can create your own Triad Secret in your business.

What is the triad secret?

The “triad secret” for success is when you combine 3 or more separate skills or niches into something unique. This is not a new concept, it’s been in front of you this entire time!   Every successful person I know and have observed does this.  They may not know they are doing it, but they are.

The original idea came from Scott Adams, the creator of the comic strip, Dilbert.  He says, “Every skill you acquire doubles your odds for success.” You only have to be “good” at these skills when you add enough of them. And, you don’t have to the best in the world at anything.  He explained the idea in detail during an interview with a Forbes magazine reporter.

You Don’t Have To Be The Best!

Here is a summary of what he said:

He is not that great of an artist… He’s good, but definitely not “best in the world”. He is not as funny as a stand-up comedian either. But, he’s kind of funny. He wasn’t that great as a businessman and he isn’t that good of a writer. To sum it all up, he has fairly average talents. But, when you add them all together it creates something extraordinary! This is the easy option compared to becoming the best in the world at something!

A Publishing Component Is The Key

Here’s the method explained another way:

You want to get very good at a few different skills and focus one of those skills on content creation. Content needs to a published as a blog, video or a podcast. The content you will publish will be based on the other two skills. The unique mix of skill is where the real value lies. Your personal mix IS your path to success.

The following video explains in greater with examples of website owners who took merged average skills into something extraordinary.

Kristie Mathews

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